The Sunny Side Burger @ Roam Artisan Burgers, San Francisco

Roam’s Sunny Side Burger with a bacon add-on. Yes, there’s a delicious grass-fed beef patty in there; it’s just obscured by the fixings.

For my palate, the burger options at Roam can easily be distilled down to two distinct choices: either (a) the delicious Sunny Side Burger, which features a fried egg, or (b) the equally tempting Heritage Burger, which features apple wood-smoked bacon. Yes, there are also some other, more subtle differences between the two burgers, such as different cheeses, different condiments, and different leafy greens. But let’s face it, these types of subtleties don’t carry nearly the same weight as the bacon versus egg debate. Of course, I’ve never really been the type to settle when it comes to food, and ultimately, I knew that I would either have to (a) add an egg to the Heritage Burger, or (b) add some bacon to the Sunny Side Burger, just to experience the best of both worlds. Carefully considering the condiments as my tie-breaker, I opted for the Sunny Side Burger plus bacon, since I liked the idea of the aged cheddar and sweet chili sauce. As for sides, I’m a sucker for sweet potato fries, so that decision was an easy one.

Sweeter than sin.

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