Sweet Ginger Pork Spare Ribs @ Sa Wad Dee Thai, Richmond

How much for just one rib? Sweet ginger pork spare ribs with basmati rice and steamed vegetables.

As the weather’s become cooler, I’ve become increasingly fascinated with curries. Both rich and filling, curry certainly ranks among the great comfort foods of the world. I had ventured over to Sa Wad Dee Thai for some green curry today, but when I sat down to order, the owner sold me on the daily lunch special, which was sweet ginger pork ribs with basmati rice, pictured above. It happens. Perhaps she sensed that I was a proponent of pork, or maybe she just really likes this dish herself: Either way, her recommendation seemed absolutely genuine, and so I followed her lead. I’m not afraid to try some ribs; my only mistake was not getting an order of green curry to go. The pork ribs at Sah Wad Dee are an admirable diversion, although not enough to supplant a green curry craving, and also not in the same league as Sa Wad Dee’s tremendous pad see iew, which is one of my favorite dishes on San Pablo Blvd. Still, the sweet ginger spare ribs were tender, with an impressive smoke ring, well-rendered fat, and a well-balanced sauce. Ribs or no ribs, the green curry will have to be next.

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