Lunch: Thin-Crust Cheese Pizza @ Little Star, Albany

Cheese Pizza @ Little Star, Albany.

For the most part, Little Star Pizza trades on its reputation for baking one of the Bay Area’s best (albeit few) deep-dish pizzas. That certainly isn’t a bad thing, although in my opinion, deep-dish pizza is barely analogous to thin-crust pizza (same flavors, yes, but so much different in nature). Being a West Coast native, my sensibilities naturally lean towards a more Neapolitan-style pie, and Little Star’s thin-crust alternative, pictured above, is a pleasant and competent offering. Without being specific, or overly back-handed, I’d probably rank it near the bottom of my Bay Area top 10. That seems about right.

During my last visit, I also began with Little Star’s caprese salad, which is pictured below. I’ll admit that the following observation might be a little bit of out left field, but I usually take notice of knife cuts, and the basil chiffonade was admirably executed (very even, and with no bruising). I’m all about these subtle details: It lets me know that someone back in the kitchen cares, and it proved to be a telling reflection of the salad itself. As an old chef of mine would have said, bravo.

Caprese Salad @ Little Star, Albany.

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