Trends: California’s New Food-Labelling Law, SB 1420

Yesterday, the first phase of a new California law went into effect, which requires fast food restaurants (chains with 20 or more locations) to disclose the nutritional information of their products. Thanks to Senate Bill 1420, spearheaded by Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), restaurants such as Applebee’s and Taco Bell must now provide brochures containing nutritional information. This law becomes much more stringent in 2011, when these same restaurants will have to list basic nutritional data on their actual menus and menu boards. You can read the full details here.

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  • EndlessGrowthEconHasFailed

    Who do we report violators of this new law too? State or local agency? I see that the verbage says local governments can impose fines on such establishments; so why aren’t they all over this in order to bring in increased “revenue” while at the same time ensuring consumers are informed of how crappy their food really is? Certainly I prefer informing a local government agency so that the fines will contribute to the local economy and not disappear at the state level…

  • There is a website to track compliance of California chains with the new law at If you notice violations please send the details to It will be the county environmental health department that has the authority to fine the specific establishment.

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