Wine Tasting Notes, 2008: Vincent Arroyo Winery (Revisited)

vincentarroyoI took a little road trip up to Calistoga this afternoon: a barbecued tri-tip sandwich from Buster’s was my original objective. Along the way, I decided that I should probably stop by to taste the new wines at Vincent Arroyo, since they had just released their newest vintages on Labor Day (an annual tradition at the winery).

I had last tasted at Vincent Arroyo at the end of May. Although I couldn’t recall my specific impressions, I do remember tasting three 2006 barrel samples of their single-vineyard Petite Sirahs, and I remember being duly impressed by all three. I had made a mental note to revisit the winery in September, when I could actually purchase these wines. Well, some of them, anyhow.

When I arrived at Vincent Arroyo, I discovered that one of their single-vineyard Petites — the 2006 Rattlesnake Acres — had already sold out. To be honest, I was a little surprised by this news (but then again, this bottling is one of the winery’s smallest productions). Fortunately, the other two Petite Sirahs were still available in limited quantities, and therefore I did get to sample the 2006 Greenwood Ranch and the 2005 Winemaker’s Reserve.

As it turned out, I favored the 2006 Greenwood Ranch (according to my notes, it was my favorite from the May barrel tasting, as well): it has terrific depth, full fruit, a lasting finish, and for me, just a touch more complexity than the 2005 Winemaker’s Reserve. I purchased a bottle to go.

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