Wine Tasting Notes: 2008 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc

The weather finally became warm enough to uncork a 2008 Merry Edwards Russian River Sauvignon Blanc, which I had been hoarding for what seems like an entire year now. It may very well have been that long, considering the 2009 Merry Edwards Sauvignon Blanc is already out on the market, and I did acquire the 2008 vintage very early during its release. Anyhow, as the 2008 Merry Edwards approaches its second full year of age this fall, it was the perfect time to finally take a peek, and see what my remaining stash could offer in the future. I was hoping for something heady and refreshing, and as I suspected, the 2008 Merry Edwards was heavy on the ultra-ripe melon and fig aromas, while the acidity prevented the wine from treading too far into Chardonnay territory.

Although the 2008 Merry Edwards certainly maintains its Sauvignon Blanc identity, the wine does undergo some Chardonnay-style techniques in the cellar, including barrel fermention and rigorous batonnage during barrel aging. However, despite bolstering the wine’s profile with this New World approach, the vinification itself is easily matched by the wine’s overall intensity of fruit. The 2008 Merry Edwards can easily carry its own weight, thanks mostly to the Sauvignon Musque clone, a grape regarded as the fruit-forward mutation of Sauvignon Blanc. This heavy dose of aromatic Russian River Musque, combined with a deft barrel regimen in the cellar, produces an opulent balance on the palate. The best of both worlds, really.

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